Monday, March 28, 2011


Easter holds fond memories for me.  One of my favorites being that my Mom found a way to deliver a "basket" to me well into my 30's.  It always touched my heart.  I also love the memory of the coordinating Easter dresses that my grandmother made for the 3 cousins...all gingham with lace and girlie.  I think mine was lavender.  Lisa and Robyn's may have been pink and yellow.  Wish I had a picture of that...maybe I do somewhere.
April and the upcoming holiday have inspired me to deliver some fresh goodies.  To top the table and the noggin!

I love the color palette of this cake and cupcakes.  Not typical for Easter, but I have always preferred bolder colors to pastels.  A somewhat traditional overall design, but kicked up with some polka dots and modern flowers.  I love the way these look, but I am more excited about what's underneath that frosting!  Ginger-carrot cake filled with pineapple preserves and topped with orange-ginger cream cheese frosting.  If you look closely, you can even see the orange zest speckles in the yellow icing.  I think I will do some coordinating cakepops for the kiddies and make a larger version for our Easter Sunday shindig.  The boys are being baptized, they and I are singing at church, the grandparents will all be there...and hopefully some friends too.  A day to remember!

My crocheted caplets with flowers were quite popular when the weather was chilly.  I have been playing with some designs to take the concept into the warmer weather.  Caplets are still available, but check out this one made with 100% cotton yarn.  It's for a little girl who loves lime green.  I think the button is the perfect topper.  Customize with your own favorite colors!

Finally, LOVE these headbands!  So sweet and a perfect topper for sassy spring outfits!  These can be made to order - just pick your color combo and let me know the lucky girl's age and, if possible, head circumference.  Check out the pic of the colors currently available.  What a nice Easter basket treat for the little fashionista in your life!

Hasta la vista!

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