Thursday, March 24, 2011


Welcome to my blog!  I am thrilled to be here and can't wait to show you all of the things that have been keeping me busy these days. 
I plan to use this as my "storefront", so have fun browsing the tabs with the galleries and pricing for the items that I have created thus far. 
I will continue to post as new projects are completed.
Please keep in mind that I intend for this to be a "custom" business, so if you have something in mind that is a little different than what you see here, just let me know.  Let's create together!

Here's today's work...cakepops for a dear friend.  The company that he works for is opening a group home for unwed mothers.  A safe and supportive place for them to go.  These pops will be served at the grand open house.  If anyone is interested in pops or other items, pricing is listed on the tab above.

Much love,

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  1. Congrats on your blog and the pops! They are beautiful!!!