Monday, April 25, 2011


Now, I say this because I have already had to warn my girl-crazy 6 year old of such things due to a precocious little female classmate who keeps changing her mind about whether my boy is her "best friend".  It's become quite the joke in our household, but I do hope that he has an easier time of it once real girlfriends are on the horizon.

I, however, am not a very good example of womanly certainty of the mind.  I rarely find myself pursuing initial ideas lately, but so far, I have been happy with my final decisions so I guess that something is working. 

The latest change of mind is regarding what our Easter cake what going to look like.  If you recall, I was originally going with a repro of the yellow/orange/red floral cake from a month or so ago.  It loved it, but this past week I had butterflies on the brain due to a current household science experiment and a beautiful picture that I had seen.  So, away I went with the painted chocolate technique and my fave carrot-ginger cake recipe.  This cake was the centerpiece, along with some chickie cakepops (design courtesy of Bakerella), and was a big hit at our family celebration.
So, guess I'm again happy with the change of mind...and besides, it's my prerogative, right?

Until next time!

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