Thursday, April 7, 2011

Proud owner of my own commercial kitchen..

This was a big week!  After having spent several consecutive days up to my elbows in bleach, I have passed inspection by the VA Dept. of Agriculture.  This means that my home kitchen is now certified as a commercial kitchen.

I have been consumed for several weeks with the legal and administrative part of getting this business set up - and am fully exhausted because of it.  I have so many ideas swimming in my head, keeping me awake most nights, but because of classes, legal, insurance, blog set up, etc, I have not had much time to nurture creative development.  Starting a business is a bear!  Anyway, there is still alot to do, but I am quite relieved to be checking some of the big things off the list.  Hope to tackle some of the creative projects in my head soon. 

I'm taking the weekend off for some r and r with my girlfriends, and then next week all I have left to do is get the official license and I am officially licensed, insured and certified.  This means that I am able to provide products for places that require that baked goods be "store bought".  My kids' school, for instance, will not allow treats for the kids to be home baked.  This certification should now allow me to provide treats for school events and other venues.

Before I head out, I wanted to share a pic of some pops that I made for a friend this week.  A teacher at her child's preschool is leaving and these pops are for the going-away.  We wanted to personalize them a little, so I made them her favorite color, and added "pop signs" with her initial and some messages from the kids and parents.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Cathy, I am so happy for you! That is wonderful news!!!! Enjoy your r&r - you deserve it!!! All the best!