Friday, May 20, 2011


WHAM!  POW!  BAM!  This week's cake has been crazy fun to make!  The task was to pay tribute to a sweet 3 year old little man's love for Batman as he celebrates his 4th birthday this weekend.  His family are neighbors and they will be going all out with a Batman moonbounce and the rest of the works.

I am thrilled to present what I think might be the coolest Batman cake that I have ever seen!  White almond cake with vanilla buttercream will please all palates.  Topped with painted chocolate figures.  I haven't talked alot about what goes into this technique.  It's definitely a labor..but one that I love.  The chocolate is difficult to pipe finely, so I do details and outlines with a toothpick (I might go blind soon - as well as get carpel tunnel).   And there is alot of planning in figuring out which colors to apply and in what order as there is limited working time once the chocolate is melted.  It's a process, but I think it makes the cake.  I love this so much - almost don't want anyone to eat it! 

Next big project on tap is a re-creation of a 1970's wedding cake for a 40th wedding anniversary party. It will be traditional, tiered and columned with sugar roses. My first columned cake - can't wait to tackle it!

Until next time!

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