Friday, June 10, 2011


My beautiful friend has been planning a 2nd birthday party for her son.  He already seems to be quite the sports nut, so she asked me to do cakepops in the form of several different types of balls.

In the process of making these, I have to admit  that my baking materials have been testing my patience.  Some of the candy colors melt to a better dipping consistency than others, which means that I have to make lots of extras to allow for some clunkers.  Let's just say I almost threw several cake tennis balls through the window, not mention all the four letter words that were flying as well.  But, my hope with the trouble-shooting is that I am getting better and smarter at what I am doing.

I finally managed to complete 4 different ball designs, complete with personalized pop signs.  I think young Branson will be happy with his treats on a stick.  They give new meaning to ballpark food.  

Coming soon..."Wicked - The Cake"

Until next time!

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