Thursday, October 13, 2011


One of the great things about this gig is all the great party ideas that come my way.  You folks out there are so fun and creative!  Each time I do a new cake, my kids follow with a bellow of "I want a [insert theme here] party too!"  We'll have lots of ideas to throw around once party planning begins for our household.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of baking a cake for a cutie-pie 6 year old who was putt-putting it up for his big day.  His Mom asked for something "dimensional" to fit the theme of the venue.  Gladly!!  I tried to capture all the typical icons of a mini-golf course.  Animals, palm trees, windmills, bridges and streams - all made of sugar!  The bridge is constructed of gumpaste, the greens and water of fondant.  The birthday boy and the other features are all painted chocolate...100% edible images!

What's your party theme?  Let me create something special and unique for you and your loved ones!

Until next time!

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