Saturday, October 1, 2011

This week, I built a cathedral.

Ok, so not a real one, but it still felt like quite an accomplishment.  I have always been obsessed with design and architecture.  Beginning with my habit of rearranging my room every few weeks as a young lass, to my absorption of all things man-made during my many years of world travel.  I am so lucky to have seen some of the most spectacular construction on earth and I think I would be an architect if given a chance to do it all again.

This week, one of my favorite people, Sue, hosted a going-away for her daughter's friend who is moving to Germany.  Sue asked me if I could pay tribute to Cologne and its magnificent cathedral through a cake.  Well, I couldn't wait to jump at the chance. 

Rather than pursuing a very literal translation of the building, however, I wanted to find a way to portray it in a more abstract way that would lend itself to the "hand-made" qualities of the painted chocolate technique. I managed to find a watercolor painting of the cathedral that became the perfect launch pad. 
I love the tertiary color palette and the dreamlike quality of this painting.  I made my version multi-dimentional by creating 8 layers of "structures".  And added a good-luck greeting to Glo (the guest of honor) in German and some whimsical embellishments.  All atop a Choco-Mocha cake with Cream Cheese icing that Sue raved was delicious, moist and not too sweet.

Before I sign off, I have to take a moment to brag about my offspring.  They are only 6 (twins), but already seem to share their Mom's wanderlust and fascination with design.  We have plans to paint in Paris one day, and build a hotel in NYC, where we will live.  Avery is particularly handy with a pen and chose the New York skyline as this week's artistic subject.  Seems he may have some talent - I may put him to work in the kitchen soon!
Until next time!  

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