Monday, November 28, 2011

Sweet Victory

I had the honor of making my first NFL cake last week.  A birthday cake for the son of a very special lady.  Unfortunately, this Redskins cake was being made as the team was suffering a close, but still hurtful loss to the evil Dallas Cowboys ;)  Scores aside, I hope the bday boy felt like a winner when he received this.  White Almond Sour Cream cake with Chocolate Buttercream topped with a painted chocolate Redskins medallion and football cakeballs!  Thankfully, the Skins pulled out a win this weekend.  May more good things lie ahead for them.  If not this season, then next.

November was also a time of celebration for one of our favorite families as their 1st born celebrated birthday #6.  Cole is a talented athlete, even at such a young age, and he is smitten with baseball.  His party took place at a local baseball training center, where the kids got to play with the parents, while assisted by a coach.  Hungry players received subs and cakepops after - celebrating Cole and his fave team, the Yankees.  This photo was taken by his Mom, Stacy, who is a wonderful friend and gifted photographer.

That's all for today.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 
Until next time!

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