Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hi all -
Hope January is bringing good things so far!  For me, it's a month of lists and checkmarks.  I have been Productive Patty since the start of the year, and it's a good feeling. 

One of the things that has been on my CREO list for months is the wish to try out some new recipes and flavor combinations.  I want to offer some flavors that are more sophisticated and have more appeal for a mature palate (ie. anyone over the age of 10).  I had been dabbling with some new icing flavor profiles as I was working on other projects and had icing to spare, but was waiting for an opportunity to put all the pieces together.

So...this week, my friend Kendra, asked me to make something different and special for her husband's 40th birthday party.  She wanted something easy to serve as the rest of the food would be served appetizer buffet style.  I had been playing with the idea of a re-created twinkie, but am still searching for the perfect pan to do so.  So in the meantime, how about a whoopie pie?  Very popular right now, easy to serve, versatile...done.

I love how these turned out.  Cake sandwiches, as my kids like to call them.
1 - Choco-mocha cake with mexican hot chocolate cream cheese filling and a milk chocolate drizzle.  Cayenne, chili powder and cinnamon give the frosting a subtle kick that is "muy bueno"!
2 - Spice cake with chai buttercream filling and white chocolate drizzle. Chai tea, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and pepper!  SO delicious.  I simply adapted a chai ice cream recipe that I have to make this buttercream sing!

Also working on a margarita cake with sea salt/tequila buttercream.  This one will be in honor of my beautiful mother-in-law, with whom I LOVE to share a cocktail.  Cheers to you, Mom, and our "crazy" day in Key West!

All of these flavors are now available and feel free to try different cake/frosting combos!  The chai frosting is DELISH on the choco-mocha cake!

Until next time!

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