Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pinterest Love

Who out there loves Pinterest??!!  Well, me, for one!  It's a virtual candy store for all the kids (and by kids, I mean me and all others like me) who like to look at pretties and daydream about all the things that one day they will make, cook, wear, see, live in, teach, eat, look like, etc etc etc.  Whew!  But truly, that's what makes it so wonderful.  You can find anything there..and then "pin it"  to one of your virtual bulletin boards for whenever you need inspiration or just a little escape.  Brilliant!!

Well, I have truly been inspired as of late to try some of the beautiful crafties that I have found there.  Other pinners are so generous with their ideas and patterns and make it so easy for others of us to enjoy the process and the results ourselves!  Here are two projects that I made this past month.

First up, a new crochet headband design.  This one modeled by sweet Lucy.  It's a tri-strand of chains, with a lovely flower and secured with a tie on the underside.  She also requested one in turquoise, which will be the perfect complement to spring and summer fashions.  And a great alternative to an Easter bonnet!  Let me  know if you know a sweet girl who might like one of these...I have lots of colors to choose from!

This pattern is courtesy of creativeyarn.blogspot, an Italian blogger with some lovely designs.

Next, a little something for my mantle.  I am definitely following a trend with this one and doing the "birdie" thing that is so popular right now.  I am normally not one to jump on the latest trendy bandwagon so easily, but these were so cute, I couldn't resist.  The pattern came from and here are the step by step photos.  I reduced the size of the pattern and used quilters fabric squares that came packaged together so that they are all complementary.

I did 3 in different pattern combos and they are the perfect little dose of tweet.  And a nice reminder that spring is coming soon!

Until next time!

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  1. Love your post! I am also a pinterest junkie! Cool bird! Miss you.