Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring in the kitchen!

Hello there!
Also on the agenda for week before last were sweets for the birthday celebration of darling Sadie.  Sadie is the adorable 2 year old of my son's former Kindergarten teacher.  She was having a garden themed party and her Mom asked for cupcakes for the kids and a small cake for the adults.

We decided on brightly colored flowers on the cupcakes and cake, and I added a white picket fence and fondant watering can to complete the scene.  Mom laid them out on a bed of grass and they looked scrumptious!  Thank you, Mrs. Reynolds!

On another note, a few months ago, my cooking club met here at my house.  We get together every month, rotating houses, and each cook a dish/dishes to match the theme that the host has chosen.  I have to say that I love these girls and boy can they cook.  We have had some amazing dishes over the years and I always look forward to learning something new from them, not only about cooking, but about life stuff in general.

The theme that I chose was "unexpected combinations".  I thought it would be fun to bring together some flavors and ingredients that are not commonly paired.  Our menu ended up as follows:
Chicken/Sausage/Apple Burger Sliders with Bacon and Tangy Honey Sauce
Pumpkin Pork Chili
Mexican Chicken Satay
Bacon Brownies
Caramelized Pear Cannoli with Praline Sauce (shown below)
Pomegranite Mojito Tea

Everything was absolutely delicious, as usual.  This month, we are recreating our favorite take out dishes.  Can't wait!!

Until next time!


  1. Wow, Cathy! That cake and cupcakes are amazing!! love them!
    Your cooking club sounds wonderful as well!
    ~ Kara

  2. Wow Cat! Simply amazing...thank you for sharing.