Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I love what I do.  But, I REALLY LOVE what I do when I do it for someone I love.  I have been on a crafting binge this spring..inspired by the rebirth of nature, the amazing ideas that I find online and some very special requests by several loved ones.  

First up, my beautiful, sassy girlfriend, Marcee is having a baby.  We were texting about cute things she saw in a store and she mentioned a fabric birdcage that she saw online.  Here it is:

Said birdcage cost a fortune ($240!!), however, so once I saw the pic of it on Pinterest, I couldn't wait to make it for her!  Now, Marcee is one of the most fashionable people I know and I have no doubt that her nursery will be oozing with panache.  She sent me a shot of her wallpaper sample and it is SO COOL!

I went to work planning the cage to complement the paper.  Once I had the fabric in hand, I started with the base, which was simply covering a pillow form.  Next, I used floral wire (18 gauge, I think?) to make the "cage" part.  I covered that with the fabric and tackled the tricky part of attaching to the base.  Then came the birdies and attaching those to the cage.  

Turns out these mobiles are quite the rage these days.  As soon as I finished Marcee's, I saw the original in a pic in Martha Stewart Living.  But Marcee got one custom made for her peanut!  I can't wait to meet the amazing little sprout that she is incubating - I'm sure that he or she will be just as magnificent as Marcee and Ed.

The same week that I was working on the birdcage, my boys came-a-knockin with a new request.  They are consumed as of late with all things Arctic and Antarctic.  Their Grandparents recently had the good fortune to go to Antarctica, so our family has been abuzz with the wonder of whales, penguins, icebergs, etc.  Frozen Planet on Discovery is definitely must see TV for us these days.  

Now, the boys have a rather robust collection of exotic stuffed animals, but they wanted whales to add to the household zoo.  As I have been in sewing mood, I decided to try my hand at creating them myself.  I didn't have a pattern, so I created one and had the boys pick out their favorite denims or corduroy.  Figuring out the construction logistics was a little tricky and time consuming, but I think they turned out pretty great.  The guy below is about 2 feet long, and has been a fixture in the bed every night.  I guess that counts as a win!

Confectionately yours!

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