Friday, July 20, 2012

Very Special Occasions!

I've been MIA for a few weeks - doing our summer thing.  Family wedding, Grammy & Papa camp, trip to CA to see the new twin nieces, swim team, family and friends in town - whew! But also a little R&R from caking in the process.  I needed a little break, but am happy to be back at it this week!

One of my former co-workers is hosting a baby shower and she asked me to make a cake to suit the occasion.  The charge was "White Almond Sour Cream cake with raspberry filling, soft purple with pink and peach accents, owl theme (my choice if I wanted to do anything with that)".  She also sent me a pic of some cute wooden lettering that the Mom had painted and hung in the nursery.  The letters were folk-arty with button details.

I have been following a blog lately by a quilter named Sue Spargo, who does beautiful folk art quilts with gorgeous colors and hand-stitching.  I don't quilt, but I would love to take one of her classes, just to learn how to emulate her style.  Well, this cake seemed to scream for details that gave a nod to folky quilting, so I tried to infuse some of those touches into the cake as I went along.  I usually have a pretty succinct plan when I start a cake, but this one really happened organically. I'm very happy with the finished product.

Also, I wanted to share a great idea that my Mother-in-Law came up with.  She hosted the rehearsal dinner for the family wedding that we went to and she asked me to do Bride & Groom cakepops for the event.  Since these are designed to be served with the stick up, vs lollipop-style, she asked if we could put pop signs on them and use them as placecards on the dining tables.  I thought it was a fantastic idea and wanted to share how beautiful they looked.  It was a spectacular wedding and we are thrilled to have a new family member!

Confectionately yours!

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