Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playroom Transformation - Phase 1

Hi all -
I have been out of touch.  The past 2 months have been such a whirlwind of activity - on so many fronts!  The twins started 2nd grade..the homework is NO JOKE!  I have been focusing on marketing for CREO, getting on a referral list at a local country club and relishing in some very flattering press from our major daily newspaper.  AND...tackling a transformation of our playroom into a study/gameroom.

I have mixed feelings about this change as I originally set up the playroom for the boys when they were 2.  So changing it now means saying "good-bye" to an era.  But, the new set up will offer much better storage, space for homework/art/computer and provide a better all-around space for the whole family.

Here's the before. Once upon a time, it was fairly organized, but over the years, it has gotten out of control. (Excuse the youngster in the foreground.)

The overhaul of the space includes:
An overall painting of the space, including a stenciled feature wall
The DIY building of a wall unit that includes lots of cabinet and drawer space and a 10' desk area (I am crazy, I know)
Making my own version of a butcher block desktop (again, crazy)
Cutting down the area rug to accommodate the new wall unit and show a little more of our beeeautiful hardwood floors, DIY curtains, finishing touches

Today I am bringing you Phase 1 of this huge project...the wall stencil.
I was back and forth on a new color for this room and after some trial and error, decided to stay with the neutral background that we have in the foyer and halls.  I'm happy with that, as it gives a more peaceful transition between the downstairs spaces.  However, I wanted something in the room to make it special.  I had been coveting a stencil that I had seen on Pinterest, so I decided to give it a try here.  Here's the inspiration shot.  The tone of this home reminds me alot of some of the areas in our home, so I was pretty sure it would work.

When I started researching the technique, I found that the ready-made stencils can be quite expensive.  This one was about $50, plus shipping.  Too much for me!  So, I set about creating my own pattern.  Not a stencil, per se, but more of a tracing technique.  Here's the process:
I folded a piece of letter size paper into quadrants.  Then with the folds on the left and bottom, I sketched out 1/4 of the medallion.  This took a little trial and error to get the right curves, angles and proportions, but it was not difficult.

I re-folded the paper and cut on the line that I drew.
Then I did the same thing to create the inner line of the medallion, stacking them to make sure the points were lining up and the lines were the proper width.

This paper was too flimsy to use as the actual pattern, so I transferred the designs to poster board that I painted the background color.  Before applying to the wall, I set out to the find the perfect accent color.  I love the metallic effect in the inspiration pic, so I experimented with several colors to get that effect.  I ended up combining light champagne and gold toned acrylic craft paint...perfect!

Time to cut out the medallions and start tracing!  This was a very time-consuming process, mostly because I used a level to make sure that the outer medallions were lined up straight.  Once the outer medallions were traced, the inner tracings were pretty easy to align.

I tackled this over several days - grabbing an hour or two when I could.  It took alot longer than a stencil probably would have, but I am beyond thrilled with the result!  You can't tell by the picture, but from one direction, the accent color reads darker (like you see here), and when the light hits it, the accent is lighter and metallic...just like the inspiration!  It's pretty much one of the first things you see when you walk in the door and I love the tone is sets for the rest of the house.  A little bit ethnic, a little bit glam and totally DIY...that's me!!

Stay tuned for more installments of the big transformation!
Until next time...confectionately yours!

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