Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Decadence

The countdown is on til the man with the bag makes his entrance!  So much excitement circulating between our walls!  And we are finally all home relaxing...baking done, shopping (almost) done, wrapping done. Whew.

The past few weeks have been very busy with orders for holiday cupcakes.  Here are a few samples:

For the staff at the Chesterfield Department of Juvenile Justice.  White Almond Sour Cream cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream. Snowflakes piped with royal icing and finished with silver sprinkles in the center.  Stars of fondant and painted with silver lustre dust.

For a new friend who works for Armstrong flooring.  Her clients are contractors, so I created toppers that I figured they might appreciate ;)  The same cake and frosting combo (a crowd favorite) with hand cut fondant hammers, saws, hardhats and drills.

Finally, some personal projects. I planned to make both of these cookies for my cooking club.  There's a little theme here, which might lead one to believe that I need to go to rehab :)  Both cookies are based on some of my fave adult beverages..a Mojito cookie and an Eggnog Cheesecake bar. Yum!  I did end up taking the Mojito cookies to my club, but remembered at the last minute that the girls in the my club don't like eggnog!  Oh well, more for us at home!

The Mojito cookies are basically a shortbread recipe, infused with lime juice, zest and real mint.  I think they are really good, although I would add a tiny bit of mint extract or more mint leaves next time to heighten the taste of that ingredient. Maybe a sugar glaze with lime juice and mint extract would do the trick.
The Eggnog Bars were a little more challenging. They are a Martha Stewart recipe that I found on Pinterest.  I have never made cheesecake, so I had a hard time getting the consistency right.  They are a little gooier than I would like and didn't cut cleanly, but OMG, they taste fantastic!!  These are "adult cookies" as they have brandy in the recipe.  The recipe makes a 9" pan, so we are left with quite a few, so my plan is to freeze the leftovers and use them to make milkshakes!  In a blender, combine a few of the bars, vanilla frozen yogurt, a splash of milk.  Top with graham cracker and nutmeg sprinkles.  My husband will never want a McDonald's Eggnog milkshake again!!
That's it until January!  May you all have merry and bright holidays!

Confectionately yours,