Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Gallery of Cakes!

I am so excited to share my work from this past week!  This is a series of cakes that was made for a teacher at my sons' school.  Her family was having a birthday dinner in honor of 3 different birthday girls who all had their special days in the same week.

First up was for a 5 year old who loves American Girl and her 2 pugs.  Often, the most difficult design challenges involve combining several different thematic elements.  I wanted to create figurines of the pugs, but I also wanted to give a nod to American Girl without actually creating a doll.  So, the red with white stars is a play on the logo and company branding. Check out the pug tails - so sweet! Overall, this cake was a good combination of her interests, I think.  Her cake was White Almond Sour Cream with Vanilla Buttercream.

The next one was for a 20 year old college student.  A busy girl who works in retail while in school.  I was given creative license on all design elements, so I loved coming up with the color scheme for this one.  The colors are so harmonious and pretty together.  The bow is fondant and the cake was yellow cake with chocolate buttercream icing.

The last was for a cat lover with a great sense of humor and whimsy.  The yarn ball was a styrofoam ball, covered with the fondant strings that I created with my new toy.  It's a clay extractor - very much like the play-doh press that we all know.  You insert the fondant, attach the design plate that you want and twist away.  Creating this was was much more time-intensive than I thought it would be, but it was worth it.  I love the cartoon-y.  I found these designs online and hand-drew them onto paper, which I then cut out for a template to cut out the fondant.  The cake was a special order recipe of Cherry Chocolate Chip cake with Chocolate Buttercream icing.  I had never had that flavor before and it turned out delicious!

The day after the party, I received a call from the client.  Her family was SO happy with their gallery of cakes and they raved over the flavors.  I have another order for the same family due in a few weeks...thank you, Barbara!!

Taking a rest for a week or so while I nurse some tendonitis in my right arm....then, back in the kitchen!

Confectionately yours!

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  1. You rock girl!! I love to see your masterpieces. Great job!