Saturday, March 2, 2013

A different kind of "icing"

I have a soft spot for "Steel Magnolias"...the characters, the quotes, the raw emotion.  It's classic, even if you are not from the South.  I even borrowed one of the scenes to tell one of my closest friends that I was pregnant.  You know, the "he's buying me furniture" scene?  Me:  "Scott's buying me furniture."  David: (the shock slowly hitting him) "For the living room?"  Me: (with a smirk on my face) "No, for the nursery."  A sad scene in the movie, but for me it was priceless! What made it especially magical is that David is an actor and I had just that moment finished watching him do a magnificent one man production of Steel Magnolias.  It was sheer brilliance and I wish I could live that perfect evening (sans the morning sickness) over and over again!

Anyway, another one of my fave quotes is "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."  It's one of my favorite past times!  Especially when it involves my house.  Since I last updated you on the playroom transformation, I have added a few finishing touches in there and also decided to to some updating to the boys' bedrooms.  First up, the playroom.

For the first project, I drew inspiration from Pinterest.  It's a magnetic Scrabble board that fits inside a picture frame - such a great idea!  Especially for a household with two young readers.  This project cost very little since I had many of the materials on hand.  I had a frame that I have literally been carrying around with me for 20 years...just waiting to do something with it.  I painted it the same color as the inside of my front door - a dark charcoal color and then sanded the edges to age it a little.  I bought a piece of sheet metal and trimmed it to size, then modge podged some pages of a thrift store book to the metal.  I backed the metal with some foam core and inserted it into the frame.  Lastly, I bought some scrabble tiles and extra small magnets on ebay, glued them together and we were ready to go!  Note that the boys went straight for their favorite subject...Ninjago.

Finally, I needed something for the space over the desk area.  Again, I wanted something meaningful and interactive.  Since one of my missions as a mother is to make sure that our sons are well traveled and globally conscious, I want them to appreciate all the places that their parents have been and that we have been to as a family.  I found a piece of fabric on etsy featuring a grey and cream vintage map.  It was the perfect size to staple to a large artists' canvas that I had, which also allows us to pin places as we visit them.  The boys' grandparents have already crossed off their bucket list item to "visit all 7 continents".  Maybe we will do the same one day!

Last up in this installment, a project that has been "pending" for over a year.  I promised Avery I'd paint a mural in his room back in 2011 and I have been procrastinating since then.  Guilt and his pretty green eyes finally got the best of me and I went to work.  I wanted to pay tribute to his favorite subject "the big city", his favorite big city "New York" and give him a little something whimsical at the same time.  Final result....

We both love how this turned out and I think he will appreciate this for several more years.

Coming soon...a transformation to Peyton's room that I am crazy for...because it's cool and cheap!!  And then, Mommy heads back to the kitchen!

Confectionately yours!

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