Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am still here!

Hi friends and family!
I have been so negligent in my postings as of late.  Just so much going on around here!  Business has been great...brisk and much so that I have not had time to write about anything.

So, here is a down and dirty recap of several of the projects that have been in the works over the past couple of months.

Adorable mini-cupcakes to celebrate a book signing at Franklin Goose in Carytown for my dear friend and former colleague, Caley.  She has written a wonderful children's book called "You're Bringing Me a Baby?", which is the story of how a family dog perceives the event of a new baby entering the household.  The book is so precious and beautifully written and illustrated.  Congratulations, Caley!

Red Velvet and Carrot cakes to celebrate high school graduation for lovely twin sisters.  These girls are the daughters of a childhood friend, Rodney, and they will both be going to University of South Carolina.  I added a bunting (I am a little bunting crazy as of late) to bridge the LHS cake to the USC cake.

Another graduation cake...this time for the daughter of a neighborhood friend.  Kelsey is an accomplished swimmer who attended the Leadership program at James River High School and is also one of the swim team coaches in our neighborhood.  Kelsey has to eat a wheat-free diet, so this was my first gluten-free cake.  It was done in the style of a Smith Island cake, which involves slicing the cake layers multiple times and applying a thin layer of buttercream between each layer.  The buttercream on the finish was tinted several shades of blue and applied using a petal technique, which mimics the waves of water.

Our swim team, the White Sharks, sponsors a charity each year and we were looking for a way to raise money for the AngelFish program.  This organization teaches inner city 2nd graders about water safely and how to swim.  I am donating cupcakes and we are selling them at all of our home meets.  I love the life rings with the bite taken out of them.  Thanks to my friend, Molly, and my boys for helping me make the toppers in massive quantities!

Finally, my friend Marilyn issued me another cake challenge for her daughter, Claire.  Or should I say that Claire issued me the challenge!  I have made several cakes for Claire and her family and this year she wanted a veterinarian hospital cake...but she wanted the animals to be princes and princesses.  Of course!  I should have guessed that ;)  To give some context, Marilyn's friend, Lori, is the owner of wonderful clinic called Helping Hands.  They offer surgical services for animals at discounted pricing and have become quite well known for their business model and the good that they are doing in the community.  Claire recently had a chance to "intern" at the clinic, so she is quite passionate about the subject.  And the royal animals....well that is just all 5 year old girl, isn't it?!  I loved making this castle cake and all the injured and sick animals.  It's hard to do an original concept in a cake, but I think this one achieves that!

I have a couple of other projects pending and once those are done, I am taking a little time off to spend some uninterrupted time with my sweet family.  I have to take advantage of these young years before they are gone with the wind!  Baking will resume once school starts, so get on my calendar if you have an event coming up!

Confectionately yours!

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  1. WOW! You are amazing!! My mouth was watering reading about your sweet treats! So proud of you. Enjoy the summer and congrats on all the beautiful work you have created! xoxo