Monday, October 14, 2013

Pretend Weddings

Hi all!
Now that school is back in session, I have finally had time to cross some things off the CREO to-do list. One of which has been so much fun!

Since starting this business, I have been hyper-aware of anything that has to do with baking, cakes and design.  I have been collecting photos found in magazines, books, the internet and Pinterest, and amassing a catalog of ideas for cakes that I would love to one day make.

Many of the most beautiful have been wedding cakes.  I love the idea of expressing such a special event through cake art and I really love that in today's modern weddings, anything goes in terms of color, construction and theme.

While much of my portfolio is already filled with colorful celebration cakes, I have been yearning to try some more elegant wedding designs.  I made three different "mock" cakes, which are actually styrofoam molds made specifically for cake design.  Once I finished one, I took pictures, removed the icing and started again with the next design.  I hope you like them!

This is an ivory white, 3 tier round in buttercream.  Tier 1 (top) is a rosette design, tier 2 is left smooth and tier 3 is a ruffle effect.  This cake would serve approximately 54 guests.

This cake is all about glamour!  I imagine the bride wearing a dress or hair accessory with a similar flower feature.  This version is iced in buttercream, but a fondant covering is also possible.  The flower is fondant.

The "Vow Cake" is one of my favorite modern concepts. I elected to just do a small version to show the idea, but this would be quite impactful on a multi-tier cake.  The wording on this cake are the lyrics to "At Last", the song that I sang to my husband on our wedding day.  Other ideas are vows or a Bible verse. This would also be quite elegant and little more subtle in a tone on tone execution, with the writing the same color as the base icing.  This base is buttercream , but again, a fondant finish is available. The gardenia is made of fondant.

Until next time ~ confectionately yours!

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