Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bees and Blockheads

Hi all!
I have new projects to share!  The holidays were very busy - lots of creating going on with both sweets and decor - but I just couldn't seem to find time to blog about them.  Maybe I'll do a recap at the beginning of the 2014 holiday season to get you all in the spirit.

Here are 2 of several projects in the queue for this and the next couple of months.
First up is a baby shower cake with an adorable bee theme.  The sex of the baby is unknown, so the client asked for the cute "what will it bee" plaque to accompany the bee topper.  The color scheme was taken from the invitation and favor tag, shown here.

When Michelle showed me the favor and told me the color scheme, I immediately thought of a beautiful cake design that I have been admiring for several years.  It's by a bakery in Utah called One Sweet Slice whose designs are absolutely amazing.  Makes me want to move to Utah...seriously.  Each tier features a different technique, 2 at which I have been pining to try my hand.

The center tier of layered ruffles is all make of fondant and provides such beautiful texture.  It would be gorgeous on a wedding cake or feminine celebration cake in any favorite hue.  In this cake, I love the juxtaposition of the ruffles against the whimsy of the dots and modernity of the chevron.  It's a very time consuming process, but the effect is well worth it.

The bottom tier was the the most challenging, but most exciting to execute.  I used a new technique learned from Jessicakes called the wax paper transfer method.  After carefully measuring the pattern to fit the circumference of the cake, I cut each stripe and applied it to a sheet of waxed paper coated with shortening. The stripes were made with 50/50 fondant and modeling chocolate, which provides a good combination of stability and flexibility.  Once all 3 stripes were lined up properly, I coated them with a thin layer of shortening (to act as glue) and tilted the wax paper onto the side of the cake, gently pressing to adhere the stripes. This part took several hours as the cutting and lining of the stripes had to be exact.

I am in love with this design and am so grateful to Michelle for the opportunity to make it!

Also this week was a project for my own boys as they celebrated their 9th birthday.  We had 6 3rd grade boys in the house for a sleepover.   We must be crazy, right?  I hadn't planned on really doing much as they can pretty much entertain themselves, but I couldn't resist indulging them in their current Minecraft obsession. Pinterest provided great inspiration and I made all of the party elements with basic craft supplies.

The party kicked off with a Ghast pinata that I made from a 12 x 12 box and tissue paper.  If you don't know what a Ghast is, have a quick chat with a young boy and you will be enlightened.

I provided each guest with a Creeper (again, consult nearest 3rd grade boy) gift bags, in which to deposit pinata booty.  Simply cut electrical tape and applied to 3 for $1 bags.

Also in the favor department were these reversible masks - one side Creeper, one side Stevie.  Images printed from Google and glued to cut foam core with a jumbo popsicle stick as the handle.

For a movie time treat, TNT bundles made with Twizzlers and last but not least, birthday cupcakes with Minecraft icon toppers.  All created from fondant and modeling chocolate.

The boys were happy as clams and a good time was had by all.  Mom and Dad now need a drink and a nap.

Until next time...confectionately yours.

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