Monday, November 3, 2014

Kitchen Obsession - Part 3

Now on to some of the finer details.

As important as paint, flooring, cabinets, furniture all are, I don't feel that a room comes alive until the personal touches are added.  Those things that make it sing and make you a part of it.

I took some time assembling all the finishing touches in this room.  Several of them have been lying in wait for months or even years, waiting for the right place at the right time.  Others are newer finds - things that I happened upon and were a perfect addition.  I am not a big believer in accessorizing every inch, so each piece had to matter.

The painting.
This was actually an accidental find/hand-me-down from my dear cousin, Robyn.  She gave us the canvas many months ago, with the intention of having one of the boys paint over it.  I loved the colors and abstract nature of it, so it never made it to their easel.  After I chose the grey paint, I hung the painting and it never came down.  I love the contrast of the greens with the grey and it complements my existing plant pots perfectly.  It has become a launching point for the room's color scheme.  Thanks, Robyn!

The mirror.
No big story here.  Found it at Tuesday Morning at a fraction of what I had seen it for elsewhere.  I think I paid $38.  Love the rope. It's a statement in the room.

The comic relief.
Every room needs some.  These letters were in the college decor section at Target.  They provide a little unexpected and keep me from taking the room and my cooking too seriously.

The rug.
I did not have a rug in the dining area before, but I felt it necessary to break up all the lightness in the floor, board and batten and cabinets.  My choice was a compromise.  I wanted a square rug to accommodate the round table, so my options were already limited.  Not a ton of affordable square rugs out there.  I found one on Overstock that I loved.  A rag rug that had a more contemporary look to it and seemed to have the right color palette.  But, I waited too long, went on vaca and when I came back, it was sold out.  Found this one on Amazon (my version is square).  To be honest, it is probably better because it is darker than the rag and therefore grounds the space a little better.  I really do like it...just had my heart set on a rag.  The good thing is that it has alot of color variety so I am not locked in to greys, greens and blues.

The light.
I love this light.  It is a very sentimental piece for me.  Mom and I found it about 20 years ago while antiquing in San Diego.  I bought it and told her that I would save it (I was in my Strawberry St. apartment at the time) for my first home.  It was ugly...a dirty cream color with green flecks.  I painted it high heat matte black.  We did have it hanging in our first house, and it has been in the dining area in this house since we moved in  However, I never felt like it was noticeable in the old scheme.  In the refreshed space, it is simply gorgeous.  I think it is also right on trend right now as I am seeing square iron fixtures everywhere.  Mine is different than those though, and oh so special.

The lantern.
There is a corner in the kitchen where the cabinets protrude into the vaulted area, creating a shelf that sits up about 9 ft. high.  Every time dear Auntie Nana (aka Sharon) used to visit, she would say "you need to put a plant there".  I wasn't a big fan of that idea as I was not about to climb on the counter to water one every week and I didn't want "faux greenery".  And I was also not convinced that I absolutely had to have something there.  However, when this facelift was happening, I thought I would try to come up with something.  Enter this lantern.  Again, no real story.  Just found it at Homegoods and put a fake candle in it.  I had never used those before, but can I just tell you...I love those things!  It has an automatic timer that turns it on at 5 and off at 10 and it puts off the most natural candlelight!  I love the wood tone of the lantern and the bling on the top.  Every room needs some;) Score...just sorry it took me so long to fill that space.

Finally, I'll finish up with the dishwasher story.  Right in the middle of all of these projects, the dishwasher bit it.  We weren't surprised.  It's been on its last legs for awhile.  These things just never come at the ideal time.  We have been replacing the old, white appliances one at a time, as needed.  Only the stove/oven is left.

So we research, shop, research, shop some more...all while hand washing a gazzillion dishes.  We find a good deal on a very nice Bosch, but we have to order it.  More hand washing.  It finally arrives, the guy comes to install and it's too tall.  The previous owners had installed the tile over the original vinyl and added a 3/4" backer board, basically boxing in the old dishwasher.  The installer was able to lower the legs enough to force the old one out, but the new one was absolutely not going in.

Since we have quartz counters, altering the counters was not an option.  Therefore, the installer had to leave and I had to chisel out several of the tiles in front of the peninsula.  What. A. Pain.  I can't believe what a shoddy job the installer did on those floors. They are wrong in so many ways.  I REALLY wish I could have just ripped out the whole floor while I was at it.  But, I was desperate to have my dishwasher back (and needed it for caking), so once I was done, he came back and managed to get it in place.

We love the new dishwasher, but here's the dilemma.  What if it needs to be removed for a repair?  I don't want to re-install tile only to have to rip it out again.  So, until I decide what to do, a pretty gel mat will act as a band-aid and keep my feetsies comfy at the same time.

I also made a nifty CLEAN/DIRTY magnet out of leftover scrabble pieces.   Charmin'!  (forgive the Lola teeth marks in the corner;)

Now...the floor repair project will just have to wait. No time and no patience.  In the meantime, I am going to pretend like there is not ugliness hiding under the rug in my beautiful new kitchen.  Sigh.

The big reveal is coming soon!

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